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Guide: How to create a Meta Business Suite account

Meta Business Suite (formerly known as the Facebook Business Manager) is where you can manage all of your marketing and advertising activities on Facebook and Instagram. It centralises tools that help you connect with your customers on all apps and get better business results.

Follow the steps below to get started.

Difficulty: Easy

Step 1. Go to the Meta Business website

Navigate to https://business.facebook.com

(page will open in new tab)

Step 2. Create account

You might have to login to your Facebook or Instagram account first.

If you don’t have a Facebook or Instagram account yet, you can create one from this page.

Once you’ve logged into your Facebook or Instagram account, click “Create an account”.

You should now see the pop-up on the right. 


Your business and account name
Fill in the name of your business.

Please note that this name will be visible across Facebook and Instagram, so make sure it’s accurate.

Your name
This is how your name will be visible inside the Meta Business Suite.

Other users inside your Meta Business Suite will be able to see this name.

Your business email address
Use a business email address here that you have access too. For example info@yourbusiness.com.

Meta uses this email address to communicate with you, but also to verify you and your business.

That's it!

You’ve now created your Meta Business Suite account.

If you’ve done it all correctly, you should see either of the below two pages:

Next steps

Creating your account is step 1. Now let’s get it all set up!

Get started

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