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Guide: How to invite and accept Manager accounts to your Google Ads account

Want to invite a Manager account, like a media buying agency to your Google Ads account? Here’s how you do that.

Difficulty: Easy

Step 1. Find your Google Ads Customer ID

When you’re logged into your Google Ads account, in the top right of the window you see your account details, like your profile photo, your account name, your email address and a 10 digit number.

Step 2. Share this 10 digit number

The format of the number should be xxx-xxx-xxxx.

Share this number with the company you want to give access to your Google Ads account.

Note. Sharing this number does not give anyone access to your account. It only allows a Manager account to request access.

Next: Accepting the link request

The company or person you share this number with will be able to send a link request to this number, but they will not get access until you approve their request.

Below is how you can approve the link request once you’ve received it.

Step 1 - Option 1. Accept the link request through your email

If you’re an admin on your Google Ads account, you will receive an email about a manager account wanting to link with your Google Ads account.

You can click on “Accept request” to provide access to the manager account.

You can skip the steps below if you’ve accepted the link request through email.

Step 1 - Option 2. Accept the link request through your Google Ads account

Within your account homescreen, click on “Admin” on the left-hand side of the screen.

Then click on “Access and security

Step 2. Click on the "Managers" tab

Step 3. Accept the link request

At the top of this window you should see the link request. You can accept it by clicking “Accept” in the actions column.

That's it!

You’ve now given access to your Google Ads account. This company or person is now able to manage your ads for you.

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