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How to complete your Google Ads advertiser verification

As an additional layer of protection and as a way to access certain features, Google recommends advertisers complete verification.

In most cases verification is optional, but in some cases Google requires it and not getting verified might result in your account getting suspended.

Difficulty: Easy

Step 1. Make sure you have added your billing details

Before you can start your Advertiser Verification, you need to make sure you’ve added your billing details.

We have a guide on how to do that here.

Step 2. Go to "Advertiser Verification"

Within your account homescreen, click on “Tools and Settings” in the top panel.

Then under “Billing“, click “Advertiser Verification“.

Step 3. Click "Get started"

This windows explains some of the benefits of getting verified.

Click “Get started” to start the verification process.

Step 4. Select the options that apply to you

Select the right options for your business and click “Save & Continue

Step 5. Select your industry

Select the right option for your business from the dropdown menu and click “Save & Continue

Step 6. Verify Your Organisation

To begin the verification of your organisation, click on “Get started

Step 7. Click "Begin verification"

You will need a Government issued ID and a document for your organisation.

You can find a list of all accepted documents here. Make sure you select the right country for your business from the dropdown menu.

When you have your documents ready, click “Begin verification

Step 8. Provide your organisation's details and upload your documents

During this step you’ll be asked to provide several details of your organisation and yourself, as well as provide documents. 

Once you’ve provided all the required details, click “Submit

That's it!

All of the information that you have provided has now been submitted to Google and you should see the below window.

Get started

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