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Google Search Ads 101

Detailed Google Search Ads setup guide for small and local business

Part 3


In this video we’ll work on selling yourself through ads and what your ads will say when someone is searching for your business.


0:00 – Introduction
0:40 – What do you do
1:05 – What do you do more specifically
1:32 – More specific keywords
2:04 – Proof
2:29 – Call To Actions
3:02 – Offers
3:32 – Outro

You’ve made it to part 3 of setting up your first Google Search campaign, which also means you’re well over halfway through this guide.

This part of the guide is where we’re going to completely forget that tall poppy syndrome exists and brag a bit about ourselves. Because being visible when someone is looking for your product or service is one thing, but convincing them you’re the one to go with is another.

There’s again some pausing in this video, but I promise the work this time won’t be anywhere near as long or difficult as with the previous video. Really, we’re just going to make a list of what you do and why you’re great.

Now I’m sure the list of reasons why you’re great is very long, so let’s add some structure to it.

Let’s first start with a list of what you do. Pause the video and write 5 different short sentences that say what you do. Don’t go into much detail, just write at a high level what you do in 5 different ways.

For example “Residential plumbing services” and some variations on that.

So that’s the top level. Let’s go a level down and make another small list that goes into a bit of detail on what you do.

To make it easy, simply focus on the top 5 to 10 things your customers come to you for most. For example I provide residential plumbing services and one of those services is “Plumbing for pools”.

That’s part 1 done.

Now let’s make a list of descriptors that you feel apply to you. Basically if someone asked you “why you?”, what would you say?

Better yet, what would your customers say?

Think things like “reliable”, “trustworthy”, “high quality”, “fast” etcetera.

Now, I’m sure all of what you just wrote down is true, but let’s assume I didn’t 100% believe you, do you have anything to back up what you wrote?

Maybe you’re really highly rated on Google Reviews? Maybe you have certain certifications? Maybe you’ve been around for a long time or have done hundreds of projects.

Let’s make a list of all that proof.

Okay, you’ve convinced me. What should I do? Call you? Go to your website? Leave my details?

Basically, what do you want someone to do when they see your ad?

We call these Call To Actions. Prompts for your potential customer so they know what to do if they’re interested.

Make another list of 5 or so of these call to actions and also add what someone can expect when they take that action.

For example, call for a quote, go to the website for more information or leave your details to get a callback

Last one. If I’m on the fence still, why should I take action now and why should I choose your ad over someone else’s ad that might be showing right next to yours?

Do you maybe have a discount for new clients? Maybe you offer a free consultation? Maybe you have a special deal going on before the end of the year.

This one isn’t absolutely necessary, but we all do tend to pay a little bit more attention if there’s an offer going on so it’s a good one to have.

And that’s it. This list, along with the list from the previous video is all we need to set up your campaign which we’ll do together in the next video.

If you don’t have a Google Ads account yet, there is a bit of homework though as you’ll need to create and set up an account beforehand.

Below this video you can find a link to the guide showing you how to create and set up your Google Ads account so you’re ready to go for the next video.

Once that’s done, or you’re already done, I’ll see you in the next and final video.

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