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Guide: How to invite new users to your Meta Business Suite account

Here’s how to add new users to your existing Meta Business Suite account and give them the right access

Difficulty: Easy

Step 1. Login to your Meta Business Suite account

Go to https://business.facebook.com and login to your Facebook or Instagram account if not already logged in.


Step 2. Select the right account

From the dropdown menu, select the right account you wish to invite new users to.

Step 3. Go to "Business settings"

In the bottom left of the screen, click on the gear icon to go to your business settings.

Step 4. Go to "People"

In the “Users” section, click on “People“.

Step 5. Click "Add People"

Click on the blue button that says “Add People

Step 6. Add the email address of who you would like to invite to your account

You can add multiple email addresses by typing a comma after each email address.

Once done, click “Next

Step 7. Select the right Meta Business Suite permissions

In most cases the default settings are sufficient, but there might be a requirement to give additional permissions.

These permissions only apply to the Meta Business Suite business settings, not to individual Facebook pages, Instagram accounts or ad accounts. Those are set in the next window.

Once done, click “Next“.

Step 8. Set permissions for each account asset

This is where you set the permissions for every individual asset in your Meta Business Suite account. For example access for specific Facebook pages, Instagram accounts, Meta Pixels, Catalogues and more.

There are roughly three different access levels for every assets:

  1. Insights only
    This gives the person you’re inviting visibility on results, but doesn’t allow them to make any changes.

  2. Manage/partial access
    This gives the person you’re adding the ability to view insights, but also to make changes and post content for example, but doesn’t give the option to make big changes to the asset, like deleting it or adding/removing users.

  3. Admin/full access
    This is the highest level of access you can give and gives the person you’re adding the ability to change everything about that specific asset, including deleting that assets and adding or removing other users.


Pixels and Datasets
In most cases the “manage/partial access” is sufficient, except for Pixels and Datasets.

The “manage/partial access” permissions doesn’t allow creating conversion event or custom audiences which is important for ad campaigns.

Step 9. Click "Invite"

Once you’ve set all the right permissions for every asset, click the blue “Invite” button.

That's it!

You’ve successfully invited new users to your Meta Business Suite account. They have now received an email invite to join your account.

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