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Google Search Ads 101

Detailed Google Search Ads setup guide for small and local business

Part 1

The basics

In this first video we’ll go through some common questions, like why Google Search Ads, what sort of results to expect and more.


0:00 – Introduction
0:18 – Setting expectations
1:05 – Why Google Ads
2:33 – Outro

Hey there. Great that you’re checking out this guide on how to set up a Google Search campaign.

In case we’ve met already at the event: welcome back.

If we haven’t met yet, my name is Thijs and in the next couple of videos we’ll go through the process of setting up your first Google Search campaign.

So let’s get into it.

First off, a couple of things to set the right expectations.

The campaign we’ll be setting up will only make sense if you’re a business targeting a specific local area. Think suburbs or municipalities, not large cities, states or bigger.

The campaign we’ll be setting up is also focussed primarily on getting you inbound calls and website traffic as things like setting up website tracking would quickly make this guide way too complicated.

Basically, it’s possible to get really technical with digital advertising, but that’s not what this guide is about.

The goal is to get you started and getting results. Making it perfect is for another time. It’s that whole 80-20 rule thing.

That also means that your first results will probably be the worst ones you’ll ever get.

That’s important to keep in mind going in, because it might take a little while before you start seeing results, let alone seeing good results.


Right, if none of that scared you away, let’s get into why we suggest starting with Google Ads and not Facebook, Instagram or Tiktok for example.

The keyword here is “intent”.

Here’s your traditional marketing funnel. Don’t worry if this is the first time you’re seeing this and no need to pause the video to study the screen. I’ll talk you through it.

At the top we have awareness, interest and consideration. What those steps mean is that you first become aware of a product or service. Then over time as you see and hear more about it, you start to develop an interest in it, which then eventually turns into you considering it.

And we’re going to ignore those three steps entirely.

The reason for that is that if you’re a plumber or a sparky for example, people generally already are familiar with your product or service. They don’t have to be made aware of it.

For example a lot of people automatically become interested in plumbers when either literally or figuratively, shit hits the fan. We don’t have to create that interest.

People automatically become interested and subsequently consider a plumber, a sparky, a glazier, when they need one.

Your product isn’t driven by desire, it’s driven by necessity.

If my window is broken and I need a new window, I don’t go on Instagram hoping to see an ad.

I go onto Google and search for a glazier.

That’s why Google Search Ads is such an incredibly powerful advertising tool, because it targets intent.

The people seeing your ads have self qualified. They basically raised their hand and said “I know what you do and I am in the market, sell me something”.

Now that’s not to say Facebook, Instagram or any of the other many advertising platforms out there are useless, but we’re trying to go for the lowest hanging fruit here and for most businesses in the trades and construction industry, that happens to be Google Search Ads.

And with that, part 1 is done. No homework, just a quick introduction on the how and why of Google Search Ads.

In the next video we’ll get into targeting which I think you’ll find very easy now that you have a bit of background on how Search ads work

You can get to the next video by clicking the button below and I will see you there.

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